Nov 18, 2010



Phillipa "Pip" Brown (born in July 1979) better known by her stage name Ladyhawke, is a New Zealand singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.
She was formerly a part of the Wellington-based band Two Lane Blacktop, named for the 1971 road film
of the same name. Before assuming the name Ladyhawke, she formed the band Teenager with Nick Littlemore of Pnau and Empire of the Sun. Ladyhawke named herself after the 1985 Richard Donner film Ladyhawke. Ladyhawke is best known for her hit singles "Paris Is Burning" and "My Delirium".
Her self-titled debut album was released on Modular Recordings in September 2008.
At the ARIA Music Awards of 2009, Ladyhawke won for Best Breakthrough single and album.
The Observer grouped Ladyhawke in with other singers gaining notice with their distinct fashion, 1980s references, and androgyny, including Lady Gaga, Little Boots, Lissy Trullie and Elly Jackson from the synthpop duo La Roux.


  1. nice video!

  2. i heard aout her yesterday. not my thing bvut nor bad

  3. She looks kind of hot. I have honestly never heard of her before. which is odd because she has a pretty neat sound.

  4. Never heard of her though I do like her hair.

  5. I'll have to check this out. Great blog, you got a new follower!

  6. Cool. Now I don't have to check wikipedia lol